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ineffective / неэффективный, недействительный, безрезультатный
имя прилагательное
ineffective, inefficient, inefficacious, effectless, void
invalid, void, ineffective, null, unavailable, bad
ineffectual, ineffective, inefficient, effectless, of no effect, to no effect
имя прилагательное
not producing any significant or desired effect.
the legal sanctions against oil spills are virtually ineffective
Just as well people know me for the ineffective correspondent that I am.
It may prove ineffective if, at appeal, workers expose vague contractual obligations.
If you try to use an action to make the ‘wrong’ judgement, it will be highly ineffective .
The treatment was expensive and ineffective , with a high recurrence rate.
Universities, the most ineffective professional lobby in Britain, simply took this on the chin.
Private companies will also be allowed to collect fines in areas where courts have been ineffective .
To be sure, this mission has been woefully ineffective from the start.
I have always believed fox hunting is a pretty ineffective way of controlling this particular vermin.
The watchdog criticised low standards, poor quality teaching and ineffective management.
As a result they can look forward to an ineffective centre being eventually closed altogether when it suits them.