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industry / промышленность, индустрия, отрасль промышленности
имя существительное
отрасль промышленности
имя существительное
economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.
the competitiveness of American industry
hard work.
the kitchen became a hive of industry
new investment incentives for British industry
he has 40 years experience in that industry
Manufacturing industry has suffered greatly in the Bradford area in recent years.
The Mozart industry has thrown down the glove, challenging musicians and listeners to search out every nook in which a Mozart note may have hidden.
the tourist industry
Keeping up with the Kiwis now is hard work, as the wine industry continues to grow like topsy
the Shakespeare industry
he works in the oil industry
Manufacturing and industry produced a large range of products aimed at many different markets.
the Shakespeare industry