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industrialize / индустриализировать, производить
produce, manufacture, make, generate, effect, industrialize
develop industries in (a country or region) on a wide scale.
the industrialized nations
The US was allowed to industrialize at a time when we didn't know these things would hurt the Earth, but we know now.
No other country would industrialize to the same extent before the 1870s, giving Britain a near-monopoly on the production of manufactured goods.
Germany was the last major European state to industrialize , and the fastest.
the country needs to industrialize to create both exports and jobs
the country needs to industrialize to create both exports and jobs
‘Old China was unable to industrialize because it did not have a strong enough government to defend the country and keep society in order,’ he says.
The purpose was to get information about planned economy and industrialization under state control.
That is a beginning of real industrialization , which they haven't experienced in recent years.
Asthma remains the most commonly reported occupational lung disease in most industrialized countries.
Israel industrialized rapidly, but at significant cost to the environment and public health.