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industrialism / индустриализм
имя существительное
a social or economic system built on manufacturing industries.
The dialogue between Gandhi and Nehru on industrialism , socialism and capitalism dates back to 1928.
His hope for Europe was that it return to those happy Middle Ages before a pagan Enlightenment and soulless industrialism had destroyed Faith and Freedom.
It was the unearned increment which opened the West and laid the basis for our present colossal industrialism .
It's about my imagination, it's about my understanding of industrialism in the Midwest, it's about the Midwest in general, it's about human beings, you know…
The commodity chain of the global food industry starts here, as does that of American industrialism .
some countries of the Third World have barely been touched by industrialism
The belief that resource scarcity can be transcended by industrialism unites many seemingly antagonistic political standpoints.
In more contemporary terms, an immoderate, rapacious industrialism consumes the consumer.
To him, industrialism was of course synonymous with modern capitalism.
The spirit of industrialism , which is indefatigably active in the development of trade relations, undermines the warlike spirit.
This would be a subtle slap in the face to industrialism , consumerism and corporatism, none of which had a positive impact on the last century.