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industrial / промышленный, индустриальный, производственный
имя прилагательное
industrial, manufactured, manufacturing, technical, payable, pay
industrial, production, manufacturing
имя существительное
industrialist, manufacturer, industrial
промышленный рабочий
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or characterized by industry.
a small industrial town
имя существительное
shares in industrial companies.
Even with the Nasdaq off 9%, its stock price has soared 60% this year, to 70, outperforming the rest of the Dow Jones industrials .
‘All I had previously seen were TV images of a grey, industrial nation full of orphanages,’ he said.
Being an industrial town, renowned for the innumerable small-scale industries, Coimbatore is no longer a place with old gadgets and age-old systems.
He encouraged dialogue between the wealthy industrial nations and the underdeveloped countries.
After all, if the wealthiest, advanced industrial nation can commit crimes, why should the rest of the world have to abide by human rights conventions?
The judgement on three test cases is one of the most significant in the history of industrial disease.
South Korea, Taiwan and now China have become substantial industrial nations.
They gave broad political endorsement to the new wording in the sections dealing with health care, industrial injury benefits, and death grants.
They do, however, indicate a glimmer of the potential to eradicate industrial injury and death.
Accordingly in 1939 only the more developed industrial nations could hope to exercise any significant degree of air power.
Lots of interesting presentations: spoken work, poetry, industrial sound collage, improvisational film scoring.