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indulgent / снисходительный, потворствующий, потакающий
имя прилагательное
indulgent, lenient, forgiving, permissive, gracious, facile
pandering, indulgent
имя прилагательное
having or indicating a tendency to be overly generous to or lenient with someone.
indulgent parents
She gave me the look of an indulgent parent and then we moved on.
Physical punishment is administered, although parents tend to be indulgent with young children.
Perhaps one could say that it was much more liberal, to the point of indulgent .
When she shared her new mantra with me, I had to agree it sounded indulgent , sensual and exciting.
Our parents were usually indulgent , and confident about themselves.
There are still people who would go for a cool understated chic, and in our time of personally indulgent dressing this is probably the time to do it.
She skipped happily out of the waiting room and I watched her with an indulgent smile, one I usually save for the parents of small children.
Ma Jacobs spoke again, but this time her voice deceptively soft and indulgent .
So just why are we so indulgent toward those anything-goes plays?
I would ask for your forgiveness if I felt I had been indulgent here, but I don't.