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Транскрипция и произношение слова "indulge" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

indulge / предаваться, потакать, баловать
indulge, surrender, devote, abandon, addict, abandon oneself
indulge, appease, humor, gratify, humour
indulge, pamper, spoil, pet, coddle, cosset
allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.
we indulged in some hot fudge sundaes
Louis didn't much care for alcohol and only usually indulged on special occasions.
There are more, but I think you've indulged me enough for one evening.
Simply indulging in whatever pleasures are close at hand will ultimately bring one unhappiness.
This was the first time he saw it outside of a magazine, and sitting on it was a simple pleasure he indulged in .
I love movies where the plot is just driven on dialogue, so this movie indulged me.
My maker indulged me in this little secret while I was still young and I used it wisely.
The business community is funky and its members like to indulge their interests in the city.
But for the most part, Mann is amazed that he is still able to indulge his interests for a living.
I can't decide whether or not to ignore his advice in favour of indulging my desire to have something pretty.
When I took the reins, I was able to indulge my own interest in history and start doing research.