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induction / индукция, стимуляция, индуктивный метод
имя существительное
induction, inductance
stimulation, induction, forcing
индуктивный метод
induction, objective method
inlet, intake, admission, inflow, induction, admittance
официальное введение в должность
имя прилагательное
induction, inductive
имя существительное
the action or process of inducting someone to a position or organization.
the league's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame
the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something.
isolation, starvation, and other forms of stress induction
the inference of a general law from particular instances.
Similarly, there is no deductive proof that induction - inference from past evidence to future occurrences - is valid.
the production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body.
Other topics he worked on include wave propagation, electrical induction , earthquakes, aeronautics, and the theory of tides.
the stage of the working cycle of an internal combustion engine in which the fuel mixture is drawn into the cylinders.
In speaking of Newtonian mechanics, he praised it for bringing so much under so few hypotheses, and spoke of it as a ‘consilience of inductions .’
Similarly, there is no deductive proof that induction - inference from past evidence to future occurrences - is valid.
When I arrived for induction , I saw only eight or 10 of the applicants with whom I had taken the test.
Once the fetal demise was diagnosed, pregnancy was terminated by medical induction , such that the products of conception were largely delivered intact.
I had been driven down this highway on the way to my military induction ordeal.
induction into membership of a Masonic brotherhood
When this is pointed out, many fall back to the softer empiricist idea that we know by induction that nature in fact is economical in its means.
This applies not only to the initial induction of the two pollination regimes on plants, but also to subsequent field and greenhouse experiments.
Introduction to the library starts during students' initial induction .
At their induction into a parish, priests are given what is called ‘real, actual and corporeal possession’ of a parish.
His first hurdle was to devise a safe and effective method of seizure induction .