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induct / вводить в курс дела, водворять, индуктировать
вводить в курс дела
install, instal, induct
induce, induct
admit (someone) formally to a position or organization.
each worker, if formally inducted into the Mafia, is known as a “soldier.”
install in a seat or room.
She knew that Jimmy would induct Kong into the Triads soon, but she didn't realize HOW soon… it had only been a week!
She was inducted into the world of classical music by her mother at the age of four and has been receiving training since then.
For his work, Lemaitre was inducted as a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.
I was inducted into the real estate business as a child.
Yes, I know, sometimes I wonder where the time has gone since I was inducted in as an adult.
He was recently inducted into The American Academy of Arts and Letters.
We also officially inducted the new board members.
A retired vicar made his sermon at a time when the abbey is waiting for its newly appointed vicar to be inducted at Easter.
He was the first post-World War I major leaguer inducted into military service in 1941.
In early 1941, he was inducted for a one-year draft at age 30, gaining a discharge on December 5 of that year.