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inducement / побуждение, стимул, приманка
имя существительное
motivation, impulse, prompting, urge, motive, inducement
stimulus, incentive, impetus, inducement, stimulant, drive
bait, lure, attraction, decoy, enticement, inducement
имя существительное
a thing that persuades or influences someone to do something.
companies were prepared to build only in return for massive inducements
Those statements of inducement are at 1039, 1311 and 1316.
We don't need much inducement to eat, wash, beautify ourselves, or gratify our needs, but for many of us, honoring other people doesn't come easily.
there is no inducement to wait for payment
It is possible, the Court noted, for a company whose product passes the test to be guilty of inducement to violate copyrights.
In effect these new finances represent the inducement required to persuade developing countries to conserve their genetic resources.
My dictionary defines a bribe as ‘Money or other inducement offered to procure action in favour of the giver’, so bribe it is.
The inducement had evidently proved very attractive.
Undue inducement , coercion, selection bias towards the poor, and distortion of the doctor-patient relationship are cited by critics of financial incentives.
The age of consent is 15 but only provided no monetary reward or inducement is offered.
Hypnosis involves inducement of a trance - a condition between waking and sleeping.