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induce / вызывать, побуждать, стимулировать
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, produce
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, prompt
stimulate, promote, induce, motivate, propel, pep
succeed in persuading or influencing (someone) to do something.
the pickets induced many workers to stay away
bring about or give rise to.
none of these measures induced a change of policy
bring on (the birth of a baby) artificially, typically by the use of drugs.
derive by inductive reasoning.
Moreover, Galileo approved Aristotle's position that explanatory principles must be induced from the data of sense experience.
My waters had broken at home and they'd been trying to induce me but nothing was happening at all so I wasn't surprised when they said I'd need a caesarean section.
Dried hops are soft and sweet smelling with a natural narcotic effect that will induce restful sleep, while lavender flowers and rose petals are refreshingly fragrant.
My father tried to induce me to learn Arabic poetry by heart, encouraged me, gave me prizes - also for knowledge in astronomy.
In 1831, Michael Faraday showed that a moving magnet could induce an electric current in a wire - the basis of an electric generator.
You should receive much more - like 9 per cent - to induce you to move from a riskless to a high-risk investment in stock funds.
The effect was to induce a recession, but it also permanently brought down inflation, and, perhaps as important, inflationary expectations.
Everyone knows that chamomile tea can be used to induce sleep.
It helps ease stress, tension and induce sleep, and some drinkers claim it does wonders for digestion.
Comfortable chairs induce us to sit, relax, converse, and become fat, fat, fat.
The energy levels of the gamma rays are too low to induce radioactivity.