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indoors / в помещении, внутри, внутри дома
в помещении
indoors, within doors
inside, within, in, inwardly, indoors, inland
внутри дома
indoors, within doors
into or within a building.
they went indoors and explored the building
имя существительное
the area or space inside a building.
the rain makes indoors feel so warm and safe
He must now spend three weeks in a special isolation unit then five months indoors when he returns home to avoid risk of infection.
Dry cows and in-calf heifers will suffer no loss from a couple of weeks indoors .
They were being confined to the indoors , as Deirdre had been for almost two years.
That need is greater than ever in a society which likes to keep children indoors , under supervision.
Our house was freezing and my mother wore an overcoat and fur-lined boots indoors as well as out.
By staying indoors you are shutting out the elements that can help you lose weight.
Seedlings too can been grown successfully in trays indoors and planted out at the end of March.
He punches spy holes in the wooden shutters so when he is indoors he can look out whether he is sitting or standing.
He then has to spend five months indoors to reduce the chances of infection.
Whenever I'm indoors I always wait at the corner of corridors and peep round.