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indolent / ленивый, праздный, безболезненный
имя прилагательное
lazy, indolent, slothful, idle, sluggish, shiftless
idle, indolent, vacuous, leisured, easeful, otiose
painless, indolent, acheless
имя прилагательное
wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy.
They didn't want any competition in the lazy and indolent stakes.
(of a disease condition) causing little or no pain.
Prostate cancer is an indolent disease in most men.
Prostate cancer is an indolent disease in most men.
The workers are lazy indolent villains and the leaders are intelligent, hard working visionaries.
In general, the prognosis is favorable and the disease is indolent , with a reported survival rate of 78% at 5 years.
It's not so much dreamy as it is lazy and indolent .
Both Hitler and Churchill, on the other hand, had no time for exercise: Hitler was exceptionally indolent and didn't even like going for walks.
As a teenager he was mature in the sense that he knew his way around town, but like all 15-year-olds he could be pretty indolent .
As an indolent student, I would leave the radio on all night.
But indolent border guards didn't bother to check on him - they just took his passport, stamped it, and let him leave.
Most patients are alive at last follow-up, suggesting that the lymphoma is indolent and has a slowly progressive clinical course and a favorable outcome.
Like an indolent poet, boiling within, forceful outside, the drummer filled the hall.