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indivisible / неделимый, нераздельный
имя прилагательное
indivisible, impartible, infrangible
indivisible, incorporate
имя существительное
нечто неделимое
имя прилагательное
unable to be divided or separated.
privilege was indivisible from responsibility
Happily for men like this, their view of the constitution is indivisible from their view of their own self-interest.
Although the dominions became equal partners in the British Commonwealth, the Crown remained indivisible .
He brooked no rivals, anointed no successors and developed a cult of personality that was indivisible from his people's hopes.
We have arrived by degrees at a conception of space as a singular three-dimensional entity which is, ontologically speaking, a simple and indivisible whole.
Illusions and allusions to concepts of truth and impartiality, far from indivisible concepts, have always figured prominently in British political propaganda.
‘This is women's work ’, he announces before explaining that responsibility for such chores is indivisible within a functional household.
The Atomic Theory explains both propositions if it is assumed that atoms are indivisible and form complexes in fixed ratios.
We remain indivisible despite their attempts to divide Americans through their relentless warfare against class, ethnic and religious unity.
Although at one time it was correct to describe the Crown as one and indivisible , with the development of the Commonwealth this is no longer so.
Today art is indivisible from culture, culture from heritage, heritage from tourism.