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individually / в отдельности, лично, поодиночке
в отдельности
individually, apart, particularly
personally, individually, particularly, bodily, peculiarly, in one's own person
singly, individually
one by one; singly; separately.
individually wrapped cheeses
personally; in an individual capacity.
partnerships and individually owned firms
Others began individually booking hotel rooms and plane tickets on the Internet.
But then, I'm not a big fan of individually wrapped cheese slices either…
Glencull House is the first property to come onto the market in this small estate where each house has been individually designed.
This is particularly helpful when naming files individually or in deciding which files to rename or not.
We look at each case individually and give an independent adjudication.
Each star is individually wrapped, has a gift tag attached and costs just €2.
Each endowment case will be different and should be examined individually .
Targets are separated and individually managed and displayed on situational displays.
Political candidates may be invited in their capacity as candidates, or individually .
A number of Australian shooters distinguished themselves individually .