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individualize / индивидуализировать, детально определять, придавать индивидуальность
individualize, specialize
детально определять
придавать индивидуальность
individualize, peculiarize
give an individual character to.
have your shirt individualized with your own club name
From the moment Henry Ford I started mass producing cars, motorists began en masse to individualize their own particular vehicle.
She wanted individualize herself; but going at it in such a generic matter ruined the exclusivity.
When attempts are made to individualize the characters, their personality quirks seem half-hearted and copied from any number of other war movies.
‘People who wear jewelry want to individualize themselves, to show who they are as a person,’ said Jones.
The conduct of people may be regulated by varied and complex rules and norms, but legal stricture begins where the individualisation and opposition of interests begins.
The frequency of acupuncture is individualized and may range from weekly visits to visits once every 10 to 12 weeks.
Each patient with diabetes should have an individualized management plan that is a therapeutic alliance between the patient and physician.
A highly individualized program is required to meet the specific needs of the child.
This virtualisation of the worker and the individualisation of skills seems to contradict traditional work teams, but it really takes teamwork to another level.
The programs will have to provide individualized review of applications, according to experts.