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individualism / индивидуализм, эгоизм
имя существительное
egoism, selfishness, selfhood, individualism, self-interest, self-love
имя существительное
the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
The common thread that binds Americans stems from their individualism , self-reliance, independence, courage to take risks and readiness to challenge the impossible.
a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.
Under the heading ‘liberty’ the charter states: ‘We believe in individualism more than social determinism.’
I'm really glad British individualism is now being cultivated more than ever before.
The virtues of individualism and self-reliance seemed compromised in a world of corporate power and urban throngs.
It attacks those who emphasise individualism and individual rights.
This odd little book weighs collective ideology against individualism , caricaturing both.
She considers her independence and individualism to be both positive and negative.
What about individualism , capitalism, democracy, scientific rationalism, technical inventiveness - the supposed special features of European value-systems?
It seems so much in contrast to that aggressive individualism around us in today's world.
This movement is showing a sustainable and very concrete economic path based on principles of collectivism and not individualism .
The original Western nineteenth-century route to modernization was associated with laissez-faire capitalism, individualism , and democracy.
But this requires a degree of intellectual self-renunciation which is incompatible with individualism .