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individual / индивидуальный, отдельный, личный
имя прилагательное
individual, separate, special, particular, distinct, peculiar
separate, individual, single, particular, distinct, detached
private, personal, individual, intimate, identity, direct
имя существительное
man, person, human, individual, human being, fellow
personality, person, identity, individual, figure, character
имя прилагательное
single; separate.
individual tiny flowers
of or for a particular person.
the individual needs of the children
имя существительное
a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.
boat trips for parties and individuals
Most plants occurred as dense individual tufts separated by cracked soil.
Place the hens on the serving platter or individual plates and drizzle the sauce over them.
But, at some point, each individual is still a human being and has to answer to his conscience.
When the incredibly fresh dish arrived, I deduced that it must be mashed on the fly in individual portions.
It provided individual clinical and preventive care, combined with health promotion, to a defined community.
Each guest bedroom has an individual design; all are exquisite and huge fun.
But in a family of 12 children there was not all that much time for her mother to give individual care to any one child.
Rather their individual style and approach complements each other.
With simple viability selection and random mating, the selection group is a single individual .
Pour into large glass serving bowl or individual stemmed glasses.