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indistinct / невнятный, неясный, глухой
имя прилагательное
indistinct, inarticulate, inaudible, unarticulated, thick
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, ambiguous
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, indistinct
имя прилагательное
not clear or sharply defined.
his speech was slurred and indistinct
First we see a blur on a snowy landscape, followed by an indistinct grey shadow hovering beyond the window of the child's bedroom.
There was little to admire in the opening exchanges, the game was a shapeless mass, undefined and indistinct .
It was all a bit indistinct , but I could make out definite phrases.
From this point to the summit the path is indistinct in places.
But it was an indistinct blur of grey through the doorway of the Archives building.
It was not the usual indistinct crackle of a far-off transmission, but a crystal-clear whistle as if someone was on her boat.
How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!
Life here is shrinking, the horizons drawing in, and the backdrop to our small world seems to be fading and becoming indistinct .
To my left, as I came up higher, I began to see the sea, and had a clear view of Newhaven, though the horizon was more or less indistinct .
The wave-like shapes of the far hills were already indistinct .