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indisposed / нерасположенный, нездоровый, испытывающий недомогание
имя прилагательное
unwilling, indisposed, undisposed, ill-affected
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, ailing
испытывающий недомогание
indisposed, queasy, chippy
имя прилагательное
slightly unwell.
my mother is indisposed
averse; unwilling.
the potential audience seemed indisposed to attend
make (someone) unfit for or unable to do something.
make (someone) averse to something.
The Vitious Affections and Habits and the deprav'd frame of mind to be met with in most Atheists do very much indispose them to be convinc'd by the proofes of a Deity that might other wise be sufficient.
Perhaps while your other assistant is temporarily indisposed , I could fill in for awhile, just to show my appreciation.
Here, let me just wake him up… he's mildly indisposed right now, can I take a message?
Fearless Leader is apparently still indisposed and couldn't make it to the studio to deliver his big patriotic speech.
When the council speaker should be indisposed to execute whose duties, the vice speaker shall act on whose behalf.
This is a benign rather than sinister story, and I know that some may be indisposed to accept it.
Whilst not being a trend setter, I am not indisposed to being trendy.
A few years back, they needed a sub for the indisposed bass soloist in Samson.
Nicole just broke up with Tom and she quite indisposed at the moment.
Sometimes when my mom was indisposed or unavailable to pick me up, Mrs. Melfield would drive me to and from places.
The year 1965 was a watershed: she replaced the indisposed Marilyn Horne in a Carnegie Hall performance of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia.