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indirect / косвенный, непрямой, побочный
имя прилагательное
indirect, circumstantial, oblique, collateral, objective, vicarious
indirect, oblique, crooked, sideling
side, incidental, collateral, secondary, indirect, lateral
имя прилагательное
not directly caused by or resulting from something.
full employment would have an indirect effect on wage levels
(of a route) not straight; not following the shortest way.
To have any hope of success, the effort to reduce the country's dependence on subsidies will have to follow indirect routes.
avoiding direct mention or exposition of a subject.
an indirect attack on the Senator
Plastic hydronic piping is cast into the concrete floor slabs, which is used as the finished ceiling, with suspended indirect lighting.
If the resource cost of labour is its price in employment before the removal of income tax, then it is traditionally valued before indirect taxation is added.
It not only includes the direct costs of treatment but also the indirect costs including lost productivity, both while at work and days absent from work.
After following Matt's very indirect and confusing directions, I reach his friends house.
While elevated concentrations of nitrate in water have been known to cause illness in babies, there is also indirect evidence that they can cause cancer.
To this end, he installed indirect lighting in the gardens that gives them a distinctive, warm, yellow glow at night.
But the pressure finally took its toll when the visitors scored following an indirect free kick.
In this first mechanism, the gene is not strictly required in the embryo sac; the effect is an indirect result of the specialization of the endosperm.
Yet there is clear, though indirect , evidence that both contract armies and retainers receiving fee and wages were in existence at least as early as 1100.
Will this new organization repay all direct costs as well as indirect costs and allocated overhead?