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indigestion / расстройство желудка, диспепсия, несварение
имя существительное
расстройство желудка
indigestion, stomach upset
dyspepsia, indigestion
имя существительное
pain or discomfort in the stomach associated with difficulty in digesting food.
Occasionally these drugs have side-effects such as indigestion and muscle pains.
These changes can also lead to indigestion , which can make you feel very full, bloated or gassy.
Side-effects with these treatments tend to be minor and include headaches, nausea, indigestion and a stuffy nose.
Eating a low fat diet can help to avoid indigestion which is also possible.
Other symptoms include a bloated abdomen, excess wind, nausea, vomiting and indigestion .
The pain is frequently confused with that of severe indigestion .
Other problems you may experience after stomach surgery are diarrhoea, indigestion and vomiting in the mornings.
The growing foetus tends to press against the bowel and stomach to cause indigestion , especially heartburn.
The team found that people who thought they only had heartburn or indigestion significantly delayed seeing a doctor.
Patients often complain of indigestion , but what do they mean?
When Helena arrived for her appointment she described her symptoms of chronic indigestion and her difficulty in keeping down food.