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indigent / нуждающийся, бедный
имя прилагательное
in need, needy, indigent, wanting, necessitous, impecunious
poor, lean, penniless, meager, humble, indigent
имя прилагательное
poor; needy.
He would say ‘I grew up as an orphan and I emigrated as a poor and indigent person.’
имя существительное
a needy person.
Automatons, illiterates and indigents of every shape and size, don't stop but aid this cruel crusade participate in their own demise.
When the singer applied for the pension for indigent artistes, the request was denied on the grounds that he did not have a permanent residential address in Kerala.
For hospitals in border states, a disproportionate number of these indigent ER patients are illegal immigrants.
Legal aid for indigent plaintiffs in the civil process is non-existent, the report said.
He would say ‘I grew up as an orphan and I emigrated as a poor and indigent person.’
The state's indigent defender program is in desperate need of reform, but change is being blocked by powerful political players with a vested interest in maintaining the system as it is.
They cannot persuasively argue that indigent boat people, fleeing poverty and persecution, represent a terrorist threat.
The number of indigent poor, 6 million people, is now twice what it was 10 years ago.
I would also help out indigent inmates whenever I could afford to.
He would get appointed either a public defender or he would have some kind of indigent defense counsel that would be appointed for him.
I'm a 25-year-old man with no wife, girlfriend, indigent friends or relatives.