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indie / инди
имя прилагательное
(of a pop group, record label, or film company) not belonging to or affiliated with a major record or film company.
Also impressive is the soundtrack; for an indie film, there are some fine sounds in this flick.
имя существительное
an indie pop group, record label, or film company.
After the big sellers - the Christmas albums - are done for the season, the record stores stock the indies again, so now we're seeing a big difference.
But despite quality movie stars, the switch to English, and a more accessible story, this is still very much an indie film.
This style of indie pop often takes the latter route, making it easy to overlook but that much more seductive.
The strength of an indie film is in the script and the acting.
Though the directing and acting may belie the indie roots of this film, you'll see them more easily when you pop this disc into your player.
The indie film business really needs to be wondering just what it is supposed to be now that it's grown up.
Well, we were only on an indie for three months and when we signed to a major, our album didn't come out for a year and a half after that.
There are hints of grunge, supercharged indie , but plenty of searching, epic moments too.
Top acts from across the music spectrum were there - reggae, indie , hip-hop, punk, bhangra and garage - performing to massive racially mixed crowds.
indie music
By reading both, indie filmmakers will be equipped with all the business knowledge they need to find success in the indie film world.