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indictment / обвинительный акт, обвинение, предъявление обвинения
имя существительное
обвинительный акт
indictment, accusation
charge, prosecution, accusation, indictment, accusing, blame
предъявление обвинения
имя существительное
a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.
an indictment for conspiracy
a thing that serves to illustrate that a system or situation is bad and deserves to be condemned.
these rapidly escalating crime figures are an indictment of our society
The count on which he was convicted was the first count of a three count indictment .
More than anything, however, it is a damning indictment on the legal system at that time.
‘These are outrageous figures and a sad indictment of the society we are now living in,’ he said.
That appears to be a strong indictment of the situation which has developed over the past few years.
The documentary seemed more of an indictment of the star system.
I have never and would never advocate violence as a solution to any problem but it is a sad indictment of our system that in the end it was the only way out for us.
As a statement of fact, it is a shocking indictment of our society after a period of relative wealth by comparison with other nations.
He failed to secure an indictment for public nuisance from the county grand jury and was denied damage awards by two trial juries.
You will remember that the date on the indictment for the commencement of this alleged conspiracy is the date that appears on the rent book.
these rapidly escalating crime figures are an indictment of our society