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indictable / подсудный, подлежащий рассмотрению в суде
имя прилагательное
amenable, indictable, cognizable, jurisdictional, triable, justiciable
подлежащий рассмотрению в суде
имя прилагательное
(of an offense) rendering the person who commits it liable to be charged with a serious crime that warrants a trial by jury.
They've got power to arrest people, this is without warrant, who they believe on reasonable grounds have committed serious indictable offences.
He points out that serious crime, indictable offences, fell by 21 per cent, from 102,484 offences to 81,274 offence in the five-year period.
You are not on trial for an indictable offence against a law of the Commonwealth.
Unless one has committed a serious indictable offence such as rape or murder, one has a good chance at starting anew.
The person has committed an indictable offence.
That means in relation to rape, which would be an indictable offence, no guarantee of jury trial.
The powers can be used by the Crown Court in relation to a person convicted of any indictable offence.
In Australia, our serious crimes are called indictable offences, but that term can also include shoplifting.
The decision whether to treat an offence as summary or indictable is made by the Crown prosecutor after taking into account all the circumstances of the case.
But if my servant throws dirt into the highway, I am indictable .
Charges ranged from forgery and fraud over $5,000 to conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.