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indict / обвинять, предъявлять обвинение
blame, accuse, indict, charge, prosecute, denounce
предъявлять обвинение
indict, accuse, panel, lodge, assert, pursue
formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime.
his former manager was indicted for fraud
If there's information you could indict, they will indict him when he leaves office if he lied under oath.
Turns out the Justice Department didn't think they had enough evidence to indict him.
However, prosecutors did not indict him at that time on the grounds that the girl could not remember what he did.
If you so testify in front of a jury, I will indict you for first degree murder.
Howard, it suggests that if they do believe that he is a suspect or may be guilty, they maybe do not have enough evidence to get a grand jury to indict him.
And a grand jury or the state attorney makes the decision as to whether or not to formally indict you with the charges.
Prosecutors did not indict him on the first charge, while a court fined him 300,000 yen on the second charge.
Undaunted, local prosecutors decided to indict him for possession of drug paraphernalia.
Despite considerable evidence, a grand jury refused to indict him.
He indicts her, raids her offices and it comes to nothing?