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indicator / индикатор, указатель, стрелка
имя существительное
indicator, detector
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, marker
arrow, hand, pointer, cursor, switch, indicator
имя прилагательное
indicator, indicated
имя существительное
a thing, especially a trend or fact, that indicates the state or level of something.
car ownership is frequently used as an indicator of affluence
a device providing specific information on the state or condition of something, in particular.
a compound that changes color at a specific pH value or in the presence of a particular substance and can be used to monitor acidity, alkalinity, or the progress of a reaction.
The color change in acid-base indicators is due to a chemical reaction between the indicator and the hydronium ions in the solution.
an animal or plant species that can be used to infer conditions in a particular habitat.
The calanoid copepod Lucicutia grandis is an indicator species for this habitat.
Educational levels of parents, a standard indicator of social and economic class, differ markedly for younger and older theological students.
Standardized achievement test scores are also used as an indicator of academic performance.
A figure above 50 is an indicator of economic expansion and a figure below 50 indicates a contraction of the economy.
The entire light cluster can be a rear light, a brake light or an indicator , and automatically adjusts in intensity and brightness to suit prevailing conditions.
Land holding in rural areas is a major indicator of economic status and social position.
Sperm morphology - its size and shape - is a significant indicator of fertility levels.
My last recollection was noting 120 mp/h on the air speed indicator , then I ploughed into trees.
Generally speaking, the number of ads is a rough indicator of the economic dynamism of the surveyed country.
an indicator light
The ship's speed indicator jumped forward, as did the ship, leaving the dimmer-witted fighters behind.