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indicative / указывающий, показывающий, изъявительный
имя прилагательное
pointing, indicative, denotative, indicatory, directive, significative
indicative, argumentative
имя существительное
изъявительное наклонение
имя прилагательное
serving as a sign or indication of something.
having recurrent dreams is not necessarily indicative of any psychological problem
denoting a mood of verbs expressing simple statement of a fact.
If a regular pronoun and indicative mood are used, it shows that the speaker asserts that the report is true.
имя существительное
a verb in the indicative mood.
Thus, if a language has long-distance reflexivization with indicatives , then it will necessarily have it with (if relevant) subjunctives, infinitives, small clauses, and NPs.
The indicative is a statement of fact or the proclamation of truth.
Many statistics may be damned lies, but nothing could be more indicative of how rugby has changed than one relating to the opening of Murrayfield in 1925.
This imperative is followed by an indicative : ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’
Nothing could be more indicative of how the game has changed.
Moreover, the shift in grammatical mood from subjunctive to indicative underscores how plausible this vision is.
This is not simply to avoid criticisms of judgment speech by translating it from the indicative to the optative.
Please look at the indicative criteria carefully before deciding which procedure to choose.
Hearing strange noises in the night and letting the imagination run wild are quite natural human traits and not very indicative of diabolical or paranormal activity.
The 3% average growth rate for the first two quarters is more indicative of the economy's true performance.
Popular culture is much more indicative of what people do than what they say they do.