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indication / индикация, указание, показание
имя существительное
indication, designation, direction, pointing, directive, intimation
indication, penance
имя существительное
a sign or piece of information that indicates something.
the visit was an indication of the improvement in relations between the countries
For many women the first indication of pregnancy is a missed period.
The commonest indication for hysteroscopy is the investigation of abnormal uterine bleeding.
A good indication of when tomatoes are at their best is when they're cheapest.
Well, later in the piece we get some indication of what our correspondent really thinks.
It was not uncommon for patients to present with more than one indication for tracheostomy.
These two stories are an indication of the problems that lie ahead.
Could this be a novel therapy for sleep apnea, and a new indication for cardiac pacing?
The gathering earlier this week of trade union leaders to discuss plans for a more robust manifesto was an indication of that.
That gives an indication of how informed they intend to be for the remainder of this debate.
Prior intrauterine therapy is not an indication for an elective caesarean section.