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indicate / указывать, означать, показывать
indicate, specify, point, point out, show, tell
mean, indicate, denote, imply, signify, represent
show, indicate, display, reveal, exhibit, present
point out; show.
dotted lines indicate the text's margins
suggest as a desirable or necessary course of action.
the treatment is likely to be indicated in severely depressed patients
The situation might be even worse than the figures indicate , the Commerce Ministry official said.
Figures indicate the EU expects Ireland to resume its position as the Union's fastest-growing economy.
Census figures released Friday indicate Indiana County's population has stayed virtually static at 89,605 residents.
I mention this only to indicate I still have one toe clinging to current pop culture.
While I am not an expert on the property market, the above signs seem to indicate that returns on property going forward will, in general, be modest.
But child mortality figures indicate many more private tragedies.
sales indicate a growing market for such art
Responses to these items indicate a strong enabling attitude in which the parent was taking a direct action.
These sales indicate that demand is strong for the smaller lot sizes of between 2.5 and ten acres but question the demand for larger industrial sites.
The somewhat watered down language of the resolutions is hardly threatening to Sudan, and doesn't indicate a strong political will to me.