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index / индекс, указатель, показатель
имя существительное
index, index number, subject-heading
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, marker
index, mark, significative
снабжать указателем
составлять указатель
заносить в указатель
имя существительное
an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur, typically found at the end of a book.
Endnotes, bibliography, and an index of names and subjects facilitate scholarly use and quick reference.
an indicator, sign, or measure of something.
exam results may serve as an index of the teacher's effectiveness
an exponent or other superscript or subscript number appended to a quantity.
The thesis contains a proof of the fact that for any closed manifold the sum of the indices of a generic vector field is a topological invariant, namely the Euler characteristic.
a symbol shaped like a pointing hand, typically used to draw attention to a note.
record (names, subjects, etc.) in an index.
the list indexes theses under regional headings
link the value of (prices, wages, or other payments) automatically to the value of a price index.
legislation indexing wages to prices
(of a machine or part of one) rotate or otherwise move from one predetermined position to another in order to carry out a sequence of operations.
Newly developed software allows the gage to check parts during indexing without affecting machine layout or cycle time.
And should we index the minimum wage to inflation?
The state of the love life in this sign is the index of overall happiness.
Nearly an hour passed as I sat lost in the pages of the index of that book.
Life expectancy is looked on as a measure of civilisation, if not the principal index of cultural achievement.
Although mental development index scores decreased over time for both groups of infants, children prenatally exposed to cocaine had scores that decreased faster.
A helpful index leads researchers to documents relating to their favorite subjects.
Because I so copiously mark and index a book, I usually have no need of a bookmark - I simply flip through to find where the marking and indexing stop!
The entire share prices of the listed and quoted companies remained unchanged leading the share index to remain constant.
In this experiment, both sperm index evaluation and mating tests were performed on males from each of 146 different genotypes.
By design, the composite deprivation index increases across tenths with the largest increase between tenths 9 and 10.