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independent / независимый, самостоятельный, независящий
имя прилагательное
independent, irrespective, autonomous, free, sovereign, substantive
independent, separate, solo, substantive, fledged, unaided
имя существительное
человек, независимый во взглядах
имя прилагательное
free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.
the study is totally independent of central government
not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.
I wanted to remain independent in old age
not connected with another or with each other; separate.
we need two independent witnesses to testify
имя существительное
an independent person or body.
In fact, most were published by university presses, the federal government or small independents .
He was an independent at Highland council and was only inducted into the Labour party on the eve of devolution.
Once in orbit, multiple independent warheads separated from the missile bodies and angled toward the surface.
Many of the states were too small or awkwardly located to survive as independent countries.
She was fiercely independent and very self sufficient and I got the idea that she didn't like being babied or fussed over by men.
His father was a stonemason and architect who brought up his children to be independent and self reliant.
His concept can be used in meeting just demands of a people in their own independent country if the rulers fail in their duty.
You can also get standard-rate tax relief if you pay service charges to local authorities and other independent contractors.
If New Zealand is to develop as a fully independent country we must give all our people equal access to justice, and not just a privileged few.
How can you be proud of being an independent country if the government is unable to improve its citizens' welfare?
Life's getting harder in this so-called independent country, let alone for people in the low-income bracket like me.