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independence / независимость, самостоятельность, независимое состояние
имя существительное
independence, freedom, independency, detachment, self-sufficiency, self-sufficing
independence, independency, self-dependence, self-sufficiency, self-support
независимое состояние
independence, independency
имя существительное
the fact or state of being independent.
Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816
имя существительное
a historic city in northwestern Missouri, east of Kansas City; population 110,440 (est. 2008).
None had become pregnant in the hope of gaining a council house or financial independence .
They're just kids doing what kids do, which is kick over the traces and test their independence .
We have just held only the third presidential election since we gained our independence .
It gives them independence , helps them with socialising and is tremendous therapy.
I am a people's person and feel happy when connected although I like my independence .
How do you measure the value of independence to professionalism in any discipline?
Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816
Having less mobility means that I have to be more resourceful to maintain my independence .
Schools could apply to become trust schools with greater independence and freedom.
As a man of independence , if not independent means, he preferred the freelance life.