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indenture / договор, документ с отрывным дубликатом, соглашение в двух экземплярах
имя существительное
contract, agreement, treaty, pact, compact, indenture
документ с отрывным дубликатом
indent, indenture
соглашение в двух экземплярах
связывать договором
делать углубления
оставлять след
imprint, mark, dent, dint, indenture
имя существительное
a formal legal agreement, contract, or document, in particular.
bind (someone) by an indenture as an apprentice or laborer.
landowners tried to get their estates cultivated by indentured laborers
Even girls without a good relationship with their parents forgave them and accepted their indenture as a filial duty.
the bracelet on his wrist represented his indenture to his master
When their terms of indenture were over, some moved to Johannesburg and Cape Town, but most remained in the eastern region.
His medical training began in 1820 with his indenture to a local surgeon.
Similarly, violations of bondholder rights by persons other than the company generally will not result in a breach of the bond indenture, since these persons are not party to the indenture .
men in their first year after indenture to the Company of Watermen and Lightermen
The lord could not seize the laborer's property, sell the indenture to a third party, or sell the laborer into slavery.
Parents also begged the girls not to reveal the parents' involvement in the indenture to the police, and accused the girls of being unfilial if they did.
This was referred to as ‘adoption’ and was distinct from binding them to labor for a master under indenture .
The contractual remedy provided for in the trust indenture did not preclude alternative relief being granted under the oppression remedy.