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indentation / отступ, вдавливание, выемка
имя существительное
indent, indentation, indention
indentation, pressure, denting
recess, notch, groove, excavation, hollow, indentation
имя существительное
the action of indenting or the state of being indented.
paragraphs are marked off by indentation
a deep recess or notch on the edge or surface of something.
the indentation between the upper lip and the nose
She recovered after courses of radio and chemotherapy but found another unconnected indentation in her other breast 12 years later.
A block, as one might guess, is a block of content that is parsed using Python's indentation rules.
The distractor items all consisted of a small metal screw located to the left of this circular indentation .
All three of us pitched in and got the man over to a worn leather couch that held onto the vaguely human indentation of someone tall and heavy recently removed.
A typical stress response for indentation is shown in Figure 7.
Using energy arguments similar to the one above, the team derived a scaling law for the contact stiffness of a thin cylinder of infinite length undergoing local indentation .
True enough, there was a tell-tale head-shaped indentation on my pillow this morning, but that could mean anything.
an indentation for each change of speaker
They usually provide custom indentation and pretty printing options suitable to the subject at hand.
The effects of bending are neglected to first approximation, and the dominant resistance to indentation is taken as the isotropic tension.