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indent / отступ, абзац, выемка
имя существительное
indent, indentation, indention
paragraph, indent, indention, indentation, indenture, rubric
recess, notch, groove, excavation, hollow, indent
grave, indent
hack, engrail, indent, serrate
indent, dent, incise
имя существительное
a space left by indenting a line or block of text.
While typing text, this program automatically indents for you.
an indentation.
every indent in the coastline
an official order or requisition for specified goods or stores.
There was no question of indents or authorities to be consulted before delivering, and the system worked well.
an indenture.
The Commission possesses two kinds of judicial powers, which are based on the first indent to Article 211.
start (a line of text) or position (a block of text, table, etc.) further from the margin than the main part of the text.
It begins with a line containing ‘help’, followed by a number of lines of help text that are indented two spaces from the help line.
form deep recesses or notches in (a line or surface).
a coastline indented by many fjords
make a requisition or written order for something.
divide (a document drawn up in duplicate) into its two copies with a zigzag line, thus ensuring identification.
make a dent or impression in (something).
his chin was firm and slightly indented
They shall take all appropriate measures they deem necessary to prevent any indirect discharge of substances in list I due to activities other than those mentioned in the second indent .
Hawthorn refused to approve the indent for silk scarves
With the side of your hand make a deep indent into each ball of dough slightly off centre.
There was an indent where the ring was supposed to be.
To measure the complex microrheology of the cells, beaded probes were used to indent the surface at a specified location on each cell.
The question is whether the organisation is managed and administered in achieving those objects in a way that falls within or without the second indent .
She was wearing trainers but didn't realise her body weight would indent it.
Its role is defined by the first indent of Article 4 TEU: it shall provide the Union with the necessary impetus for its development and shall define the general political guidelines thereof.
Chapter 14 covers lists, and Chapter 15 explains how to align and indent text.
Visually, I want the terms to appear a bit like the headings so I have given them a small, negative text indent and the same color as the headings.