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indelicate / нескромный, неделикатный, бестактный
имя прилагательное
immodest, indiscreet, indelicate, shameless, indecent
indelicate, rough
tactless, tasteless, maladroit, indelicate, clumsy, undiplomatic
имя прилагательное
having or showing a lack of sensitive understanding or tact.
forgive me asking an indelicate question, but how are you for money?
slightly indecent.
an earthy, often indelicate sense of humor
Magdalena heard an indelicate snort from David's direction, matched by a skeptical but amused smile from Ketheral, who was shaking his head.
Not knowing who I was, they spoke to me frankly about the gruesome details of their work, and made indelicate jokes, but they seemed more worried about dehydration than about ‘taking the job home’ or losing sleep.
So as you say, sledging originally referred to male cricketers using indelicate language in front of the ladies, but when did the meaning shift to what we understand sledging to be now, to be that of verbal abuse between players on the field?
As a friend of both those gentlemen, I have to say that I find myself in the indelicate position of having a foot planted firmly on either side of a barbed wire fence.
He stomped out the restaurant and crossed the street, heading, I'm guessing, for the Pizza Express across the road, who I'm sure would not be so indelicate .
Which, come to think of it, raises the indelicate question.
Combined with a cast featuring a who's-who of Hollywood at the time, the film ends up being an indelicate mixture of the sacred and the profane.
He finds Georges sprawled across a chair in the front room, flipping through an indelicate magazine.
Naturally, all of these adornments, together with the elimination of ambiguous, controversial or indelicate elements, imply the contamination of the traditional fairytale material.
The Sydney Morning Herald described it as ‘the most libertinish and indelicate performance that could be given on the public stage’, and in Melbourne the season was hurriedly terminated when the possibility of a court case loomed.