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indefinitely / бесконечно, до бесконечности, на неопределенное время
infinitely, indefinitely, extremely
до бесконечности
на неопределенное время
for an unlimited or unspecified period of time.
talks cannot go on indefinitely
He would uncurl out of an indefinitely lengthy trance, and note with wonder that the ship was going the other way.
It cannot indefinitely watch British foreign policy being defined on a Texas ranch, or in secret Pentagon meetings.
talks cannot go on indefinitely
China has delayed indefinitely its national ‘action plan’ on climate change, which was due to be released on Monday after exhaustive consultations among ministries in Beijing and provincial and local governments.
Indeed, the pentapartito period might have been indefinitely long had it not been for some unexpected events.
If the case went against him, Mr Messenger could be fined, suspended indefinitely or for a fixed period or struck off.
We mean by integration that faculty in the human mind whereby it is able to combine an indefinitely large number of impressions.
With strike pay at $100 per week, few bus drivers will be able to stay out indefinitely .
But we should not expect our troops to go on doing this indefinitely .
There is an outside chance it might be postponed indefinitely .