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indefinite / неопределенный, неограниченный, неясный
имя прилагательное
uncertain, vague, indefinite, ambiguous, indeterminate, undetermined
unlimited, unbounded, unrestricted, indefinite, absolute, illimitable
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, indefinite
имя прилагательное
lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time.
they may face indefinite detention
The water is deep here and such a dark blue that the lines of the tiles at the bottom are obscured, indefinite .
An indefinite overtime ban by the 21-members also starts today and another one day strike is planned for next week.
On this account, it is the polysemy of the indefinite article that gives rise to the ambiguity of the indefinite noun phrase.
They were introduced in England when the indefinite detention system in England was thrown out by the House of Lords because it offended the human rights principles in the European convention.
Likewise, there is an interval of a similarly indefinite length of time between the injection of the remedial serum and the lowering of the speculative fever.
Readers of the Star Tribune will remain in their cloud of unknowing for the indefinite future.
The training period is of indefinite length, but graduates are expected to land a middle-management job within three years.
Miners are threatening an indefinite overtime ban at Kellingley Colliery, near Pontefract, in a dispute over new shift patterns.
The Opposition says the indefinite detention of children for the purposes of law enforcement is a national disgrace, and it vows to release all children from detention centres if it wins government.
While bare plurals are ambiguous between the two readings, indefinite singulars can only refer to a rule or a regulation.