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indefinable / неопределимый, необъяснимый
имя прилагательное
indefinable, indeterminable, undeterminable
inexplicable, unaccountable, unfathomable, indefinable
имя прилагательное
not able to be defined or described exactly.
she reminds me, in some indefinable way, of my grandmother
And undoubtedly, their mysterious, indefinable quality is the source of their disconcerting power.
In those hours I laughed so hard my face hurt, I cried, I felt happiness, sadness, empathy, anger and other indefinable emotions.
He displayed that elusive, indefinable quality: he looked presidential.
Austrians can offer an alternative approach that does not depend on having to define or measure what is conceptually indefinable or unmeasurable.
It is that indefinable something that is drawing another Afghan refugee, 70-year-old Taj Bara back to Kabul.
A third draft corrected some of these problems, but I still felt, without quite being able to articulate it, that in some indefinable way the script had lost ground.
So perfect objectivity is not just unachievable but indefinable .
In all shapes, sizes and more than anything, in those indefinable vibrant shades, butterflies seem to carry an uncanny beauty about them.
But they are utterly indefinable by way of positive definition hence my requirement of negative demarcation.
Poetry is the power of defining the indefinable in terms of the unforgettable.