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indefensible / непростительный, неудобный для обороны, непригодный для обороны
имя прилагательное
unpardonable, unforgivable, inexcusable, indefensible, irremissible, unwarrantable
неудобный для обороны
непригодный для обороны
untenable, indefensible
имя прилагательное
not justifiable by argument.
the policy of apartheid was morally indefensible
not able to be protected against attack.
the towns were tactically indefensible
Benchmarking awards, seen by many as utterly indefensible and absurd under current economic conditions, will be paid.
And defenses of his indefensible argument are indefensible too.
The stance is otherwise totally indefensible .
But that doesn't justify this behavior, which is indefensible on several grounds.
Yes, budget deficits and indefensible tax cuts are moral issues, too.
This is fundamentally flawed and scientifically indefensible .
How about morally indefensible , legally absurd, and nationally divisive?
This theme is one of the elements in his new work, a detailed examination of the brutal history and indefensible consequences of aerial bombardment.
That, to me, is totally unacceptable and morally indefensible .
‘It is indefensible that you have not made funding for homeland security your top priority,’ the letter said.