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indeed / действительно, в самом деле, впрямь
really, real, actually, indeed, truly, in reality
в самом деле
really, indeed, actually, truly, quite, in very deed
really, indeed
used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested.
it was not expected to last long, and indeed it took less than three weeks
used to introduce a further and stronger or more surprising point.
the idea is attractive to many men and indeed to many women
used in a response to express interest, incredulity, or contempt.
“His neck was broken.” “Indeed?”
Using these facts, he suggested that time does indeed vary at the very highest speeds - and his theory has been subsequently proved.
Gus, thank you very much indeed for talking to us.
It was glorious weather when I visited and, in the brief time I had my clothes off, I can confirm that it is indeed very pleasant to let the air get about your bits.
'I think it's very interesting.' 'Do you indeed?'
‘She should have no trouble hearing him.’ ‘No indeed.’
it was not expected to last long, and indeed it took less than three weeks
An ultra-sound confirmed that she had indeed a problematic heart - due to a tight artery, her heart has thickened.
My response as a fellow student to this bright and astute statement is that I indeed view my education as an earth science major as an investment.
Just moving to my closing words, can I first of all thank you very much indeed for coming along and for the help that you have given to us.
How, indeed , had a boy who looked not much older then she did survive all alone in the woods with all kinds of dangers?