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indecisive / нерешительный, неокончательный, колеблющийся
имя прилагательное
indecisive, hesitant, irresolute, undecided, faltering, hesitating
inconclusive, indecisive, indeterminate, commutable, undecisive, open-ended
oscillating, hesitant, vibrating, vacillating, wavering, indecisive
имя прилагательное
not settling an issue.
these experimental results are indecisive
(of a person) not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
He was a poor administrator, he was indecisive , and he seemed unable to make hard decisions.
Soldiers who do not remain calm or are indecisive quickly lose their ability to resist.
He's indecisive to a point, but I think he's an immensely forceful character in parts of the play and not just when he's arguing with me.
These persons are not usually suited to executive positions, since they are often indecisive .
Though manœuvring went on for four days and a good deal of damage was inflicted, the result was indecisive , no ships being captured or sunk.
In May 2005 a campaign that never caught fire issued, perhaps inevitably, in a curiously indecisive result.
An orchestra wants to be told what to do without hesitation or conference and a conductor who involves the orchestra in decision making is perceived to be weak and indecisive .
It was time to make up his mind, yet he was still indecisive .
At best they are indecisive , and at the end they are completely unable to reach a position because their various representations prohibit them from doing so.
If the result remains indecisive , the coalition still loses.
He was a poor administrator, he was indecisive , and he seemed unable to make hard decisions.