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indecency / непристойность, неприличие, нескромность
имя существительное
obscenity, indecency, smut, bawdiness, immodesty, ribaldry
impropriety, indecency, immodesty
immodesty, indiscretion, indelicacy, indecency
имя существительное
indecent behavior.
a law governing indecency on cable television
His celebratory streak ended with arrest by police for indecency .
Congress is looking at reforming indecency laws to be much tougher on transgressors.
In the light of this provision, we do not accept that H has grounds for contesting the element of indecency in his conviction.
seven offences of rape and indecency
Ward will be charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour, public indecency and public intoxication at the Calgary courthouse on Monday.
The charges against them include public indecency , inappropriate behaviour, behaviour to the detriment of military discipline and assault.
Through our bad parenting, which sets wrong examples, we have institutionalized insensitivity and indecency and made them virtues.
Does this display run afoul of public indecency laws?
That case, in combination with the more recent controversy, shows why it's time to get rid of broadcast indecency law forever.
In Islam, nudity is an indecency which can never be tolerated by the Islamic Haya.