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indebted / в долгу, обязанный, находящийся в долгу
имя прилагательное
в долгу
indebted, behindhand
obliged, liable, bound, due, indebted, beholden
находящийся в долгу
имя прилагательное
owing money.
heavily indebted countries
For this post I am indebted to Barbara of Winos and Foodies who, a while back, wrote a post about how simple it is to make English Muffins.
The company is still among Malaysia's biggest, and it's also heavily indebted .
Indian farmers are often indebted and credit constrained and do not have access to chemicals at the right point in time.
I am highly indebted to more than 150 young students who have given me honest and open account of their life.
The confidence of America's heavily indebted consumers is at a 13-year low.
An entire battalion of Scotsmen should feel indebted to him.
Ballina Athletic Club are indebted to the many businesses of the town who provide sponsorship and spot prizes.
I personally will remain indebted to her for some of the most wonderful and memorable shows I have seen in Egypt.
The students enjoyed the tour and are indebted to their teachers for their efforts in making it a reality
What this means is that if someone was very good to him and did him some favours, he would be indebted to them for life.