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incurve / выгибаться, выгибать, загибать
dish out, incurve
buckle, dish, dish out, incurve, camber
bend, turn up, fold, crease, turn down, incurve
curve inward.
incurved horns
The florets incurve or reflex in a regular manner and fully conceal the center.
The sofa's four rear legs have the incurving rake typically seen on Salem chairs but rarely on sofas.
Usually a flower is open for only one day (for a few hours); the corolla then incurves as it wilts.
A medium bronze intermediate of incurving form with a lovely glowing autumn colour.
The shape of the violin - the upper bout or shoulders, the incurved waist, the lower bout or hips - were the creation of the unknown 15th-century inventor.
It can readily be distinguished by its subspherical, non-alate shell, incurved ventral beak and higher, posteriorly trilobate cardinal process.
Many of the popular commercial incurving types are in this intermediate class.
The relief depicts a pair of lions (their missing heads were probably made from a different, more valuable material); standing with their forepaws on altars with incurved sides, they flank a central column.
Because of their incurved leaves, the plant is narrow and can be grown at a tighter spacing.
The Pentamerida were biconvex with incurved beaks and were characterized by an internal muscle platform, the spondylium.