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incumbency / пребывание в должности, бенефиций, возлежание
имя существительное
пребывание в должности
tenure, incumbency, tour of duty
benefice, incumbency, living, donative
имя существительное
the holding of an office or the period during which one is held.
His chief advantage is his incumbency and its inherent command of the free-media forum that will be pivotal over the next eight weeks.
As incumbency becomes a permanent entitlement, fewer challengers bother to run.
We have also said that they have had to be good corporate citizens during their incumbency .
Look at the number of corporations that have made the CSO job an automatic incumbency for one agency or another.
This style served the party badly in the last years of its incumbency and especially in opposition.
To minimize the advantages incumbency might otherwise confer on a lucky few, power should be shared as widely as possible consistent with maintaining order.
Although each election is unique, the incumbency or challenger status of candidates will influence the balance of stories written.
He is famous for rebuking the self-indulgence of the Cluniacs during the incumbency of Peter the Venerable.
Meanwhile, the incumbency of Holmes in his cemetery comes as news to Mark, its foreman, who had previously assumed his most famous resident to be the man who invented the steam hammer.
So why should a respect for incumbency overwhelm the actual opinions of her constituents?
the advantages of incumbency