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increment / приращение, прирост, инкремент
имя существительное
increment, augmentation, accretion, augment, adhesion
growth, increase, gain, increment, accretion, augmentation
имя существительное
an increase or addition, especially one of a series on a fixed scale.
the inmates' pay can escalate in five-cent increments to a maximum of 90 cents an hour
cause a discrete increase in (a numerical quantity).
The average person would think Intel would just increment the family code.
In campaign engineering, we know that all but a relatively small increment of voters are fixed points.
The temperature increment logarithmically decreases toward the periphery of the heating beam, causing a fluid convection of 8 m/s inside a 180 m thick microchamber.
The maximum increment in damage there will be equal to 2.
If the hazard ratio is larger than one, then an increment increase in the variable causes an increase in the risk of predation.
The annual increment in my first salary as a mill clerk was five rupees.
During operation, the light guide is stepped across the tissue surface at a fixed increment , and fluorescence measurements are made from each discrete site.
The average person would think Intel would just increment the family code.
We need more troops in order to secure the region, and we then need an additional increment of non-American troops so we can begin to bring some of our men and women home.
he had waived his right to the second increment of $18 million so that it could be distributed among 40 employees
But it does have an increment and decrement function, and primitive flow control.