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incredibly / невероятно
extremely, unimaginably
to a great degree; extremely or unusually.
Michele was incredibly brave
used to introduce a statement that is hard to believe; strangely.
incredibly, he was still alive
Everyone was still having fun while I was incredibly tired and decided to take a nap.
I suspect that this is because I got incredibly travel sick as a child on even the shortest journeys.
When he came back he was incredibly dirty and seemed to be in a great deal of agony.
Throughout all the treatment he was very brave and remained incredibly positive.
What I also know about John is that he has a phenomenal will to win and takes the game incredibly seriously.
They're incredibly sweet and incredibly filling and suddenly incredibly sickly.
If I can decide which of the incredibly dull candidates is less dull than the others.
Michele was incredibly brave
When I meet them again, I might have another beer and a giggle with them and feel incredibly mean.
The jazz jam is incredibly exciting because you have to be great to even take part.